About Us

Our company, B&B Budapest, Ingatlanfejlesztő, Befektetési, Beruházó és Fenntartó Zrt., deals with real estate investment and utilization, primarily renting out own properties located in Szeged and places close to it. In our portfolio you can find various properties from office buildings, hotels to industrial properties, from storages to warehouses, business premises and outdoor locations.

Our team works on the offers with the most experienced professionals on the real estate market, so that no one can face an unpleasant suprise. Reliability is measured by mutual satisfaction, which is why we try to find the best solution for the needs that arise.

What makes B&B Budapest different?


Foresight and responsible initiative are essential qualities in real estate utilization. These are the cornerstones of our company's purposeful operation. In every case we consider preparation to be the very first step.


Since we offer self-owned properties, there is no chance of a deal failing in the moments before you move in due to a third party, and you also do not have to worry that when you arrive at the location, you will be faced with the fact that the information in the ad does not correspond to reality.

Pursuit of mutual satisfaction

A win-win situation is the only acceptable outcome, no matter what kind of business we are dealing with.

Continuous development

Our constantly expanding range and the constant evaluation of our customers' insights ensure that we can offer the most suitable offer at all times.